Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Blog post written by Lily Douthitt
Paducah, Kentucky

I am Lily, one of the summer missionaries here with Sus Hijos. This is my last week here in El Salvador and I have already been here for five weeks. Although I am pretty sad as I anticipate my departure, I feel extremely blessed for the time I have spent here and the fact that on my last week I get to be a part of this amazing quinceanera! Over my past five weeks I have gotten to know quite a few of the girls in the orphanage. Getting to see my new Salvadorian friends try on beautiful dresses and receive extra attention has been such a blessing for me and I know it is a blessing for the girls and team as well! God is so glorious and He brought together the perfect team of mothers and daughters to help serve these wonderful girls in the centers.

Today was all about dresses!! We spent the whole day at a government orphanage helping the girls get ready for the quinceanera, which will be held on Wednesday. The girls heard testimonies from our team members about trials and suffering in their lives, and the healing that they have found in Jesus. They were encouraged by the fact that they have not been forgotten, and that the Lord sent all of these women to El Salvador to celebrate their lives. They clapped with excitement and you could sense the anticipation in the air. Before starting the assembly line of selecting dresses, shoes, and receiving "beauty treatments," the girls were prayed over. The team patiently assisted the girls as they tried on dozens of dresses and shoes. Some girls even took two or so hours choosing their special gowns! Today over forty girls picked out their dream dress, got their fingers painted and even their eyebrows waxed! I’m excited what God has in store for the rest of the week!

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