Building for the Hernandez Family

Blog post written by Geoff Youd

Geoff was moved to write a letter to the Hernandez family today and we have chosen it for a blogpost. It will be translated into Spanish and delivered to their home this week.  The Crean Lutheran High School team will be completing and dedicating the home at the end of July and I can't wait to be there to praise God along with the Hernandez family. - Jenni Ramsey

Dear Miguel,

This past week my son Ryan and I had the pleasure of contributing to the work on your house.  When our team was first introduced to your family and you told us that you were 38 years old, I instantly felt a connection because I too am 38 and have 3 children.  My wife and I have three boys, Ryan (who was with me on this trip), age 10, Eli, age 6, and Owen, age 3. 

I wanted to write to you to tell you how much you impressed me as a husband and father.  Even though the language barrier and frantic work schedule kept us from having a conversation, I learned many things about you while watching you over the past two days.  The way you smiled so proudly when we were introduced to your wife and daughters showed me how deep your love is for them.  It is obvious that you are a caring man who loves and is proud of his family.  The stories told to me by Kurt and the others about your work about Casa De Mi Padre orphanage, how you've worked there faithfully for many years and how you ride the bus for several hours each day, showed me that you are a faithful man who puts the needs of others before yourself.  The way you worked tirelessly, putting up with our unskilled labor and showing us the proper ways to dig a trench, lay a foundation, or begin a block wall, showed me that you are a hardworking man who will persevere through whatever difficulties you may face in life. 

You may think that the team from the United States and Sus Hijos were a blessing to you and your family, and by God's grace, I hope we were.  But you were truly a blessing to me.  As I return to California, I will take back with me the beautiful example of a father, husband, and man of God that you showed us all.  I pray that as God blesses you in your new home you will continue to bless and serve your family, those with whom you work and your community.  Thank you for inviting us into your home and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Sincerely,  Geoff Youd

At the end of our building project, the team had the opportunity to deliver food and Bibles to the community that surrounds the Hernandez family home.  Team members had the privilege to pray for families and were amazed by the warmth and hospitality that they received at every home.  Please pray for the Hernandez family as Sus Hijos continues to work at the homesite.  We learned that the oldest daughter, Jennifer, will turn fifteen next week and were thrilled to invite her and the entire family to attend the quinceanera that our second team is throwing next week.  I look forward to seeing this precious family all dressed up for the celebration! - Jenni

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