Beach Day

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey


Our teams typically go to the beach for rest and re-entry training on Fridays, but this week we changed our beach day schedule in anticipation of exhaustion after the quinceanera.  Kurt's friends allowed us to use their beach home, which was an unexpected surprise.  When we arrived at the property, we were stunned by the gorgeous home, which had a breathtaking infinity pool and large patio cabana.  

The team enjoyed a much needed day of rest, reflection and refreshment.  Steve Portillo, the Administrator for Sus Hijos, told the team that he received a call this morning from one of the orphanage directors.  She called to tell him that the girls from her orphanage were completely overwhelmed by the evening.  A Sus Hijos missionary who works with the girls on a regular basis also commented on the fact that he'd never seen the girls so free, joyful and uninhibited.  We were grateful for a day to reflect on all of the marvelous things that the Lord has done and to laugh and play together.

Team members spent time praying for our missionary partners and Kurt Ackermann, the founder of Sus Hijos, shared the powerful testimony of his family's call to ministry in El Salvador.  It was an honor to pray for Kurt and the ministry of Sus Hijos.  

Tomorrow our team will visit many of the girls who participated in the quinceanera.  We can't wait to show them the photos and videos from the quinceanera and spend one last day with them.  

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