2014 Quinceanera Trip Video

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

Last night we had an incredible trip report for our June 2014 team.  It was wonderful to see so many people gather together to hear how God moved so powerfully through our team of 26 volunteers.  We showed our trip video for the first time and the room was filled with laughter, tears and gasps as we viewed it together.  The video not only includes footage from the quinceanera, but also includes videos taken during meal preparations for the homeless and the visit to the Hernandez family home.   Our 2013 team built a home for the Hernandez family and 2013 team members contributed funds for a home expansion/electricity upgrade this summer.  Both 2014 teams were able to visit the Hernandez family (see blog posts below to read more about their amazing family).

Click here to watch the team video:

El Salvador 2014 Video - HIS HANDS / HIS FEET

We have already scheduled three weeks of El Salvador ministry teams for the summer of 2015 and will be accepting applications this fall:

June 27-July 4 - The Village Church of Irvine
July 4- July 11 - Young Women of Vision (quinceanera)
July 25-Aug 1 - Crean Lutheran High School

Feel free to contact me about our future trips at jenni.ramsey@cox.net.

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