Stuffed Animals for El Salvador

Help Jordan and Aidan Ramsey to meet their goal of collecting 100 stuffed animals for El Salvador!  Our missionary partners in El Salvador, Kurt and Susan Ackermann, have recently begun visiting hospitalized children.  They have a vision to bring stuffed animals as gifts for the children with scripture attached to each animal.  Last week Jordan and Aidan launched a "Ripple Kids" project at their elementary school with their stuffed animal drive.


They shared about the project in front of the entire school and spoke about the fact that El Salvador is the poorest country in Latin America.   The entire student body was challenged to bring new or gently used stuffed animals.   Let us know if you have stuffed animals to donate!


We are also in need of the following donations:  shoes and clothing for children, diapers, bandaids, over-the-counter meds, vitamins and underwear/bras for teen girls.  

Jenni RamseyComment