Quinceanera Reflections From a Salvadorian

Blog post written by Steve Portillo

I cannot share about the party without telling you first my insight on the amazing team of people that surround me in what I call “my job”. Now, bear in mind that “my boss” and I were in charge of lots of details like the hotel arrangements, sound, music, food etc. But I want to tell you about the “gringas” and “gringos” who came to this country with the goal of making a party for all these girls.

It always amazes me to see how God can pour his grace and love into people’s heart. Again, from my Salvadorian perspective, how in the world can a team of 26 come here just to do that? I know they are donating time and energy, and of course money, but what melted my heart was what I saw when I walked upstairs at the hotel on the day of the event. The room upstairs was going to be used to dress the girls, but the girls from the centers hadn't arrived yet.  I needed to deliver a message to the team leader and when I arrived there I saw the leader and a few other women from the team praying over the event, and crying out to God for healing for these girls.  I stayed there for a while and was reminded that the love of Christ is real here on Earth!  I was reminded that he was in charge of all of the details and that prayer is more powerful than planning, details and schedules.

When we finished the event, the manager of the hotel was surprised to learn how this team of missionaries had come to do this party for the girls.  He mentioned how "good" they were for doing it for these ladies. But listening to them praying made realize that they didn’t do this because they were  “good people”.  God had placed his heart in them and it was his Spirit moving through them.  This is what he shows me over and over again as I serve in El Salvador.

The party was awesome, and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT if I'm allowed to say. God put all the pieces in order and took care of everything, even those steps in which we might have “dropped the ball” I can tell you how He was miraculously there to help us.

I can’t help but remember 1st Corinthians 13, in which we find the Apostle Paul explaining about how love is first, then we are able to do works. And I feel confident that at the party last night, Jesus was there with all of us, loving on every girl; leaving a MARK OF LOVE in their memories. And on all of ours too.

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