Feeling Inspired

Blog post written by Yvonne Khoury

If I could describe today in one word I would have to say "eventful".  This day was filled with so many memorable events and special moments and I feel so happy to be here. We visited two different orphanages and invited all the girls to the quinceanera.   The girls were so thankful and giddy as they chose their dresses and shoes.  Their smiles and hearts of gratitude were inspiring.  We were able to pray for some of the girls and this was one of the highlights of my day.

Three girls at the first orphanage asked to share their thoughts with our team after picking their outfits.  They described their shock, joy and exuberance over being included in such an eventful occasion. 

We were amazed to learn that many of the girls had never had a birthday celebration, visited a restaurant or a hotel.  One of the girls didn't even know her birthday.   We learned that it will be a big deal for them to drive into the city of San Salvador.  We had no idea that eating dinner in a hotel in the city would be so special for these girls.  We take so much for granted.  Needless to say, the quinceanera will be an event to remember in each of their lives and our team is so honored to be a part of this eventful moment.

We spent a lot of time on our bus today traveling to the the orphanages.  The long drive not only allowed us to see the lush foliage of El Salvador, but some of our translators shared their inspirational testimonies of their relationships with Jesus and how they became involved with Sus Hijos (the ministry we are working with). 

Their stories were filled with miracles and evidence of God's powerful hand on their lives.  Listening to their testimonies inspired me to ask them about their lives, and how they got involved with Sus Hijos.  I'm usually not a super social person but today I wanted to be social.  I loved being surrounded by so many incredible people who live their lives daily with undeniable faith.

Most of the stories I heard today were filled with heart break and sadness.  The tragedies that the girls in the orphanages have experienced are almost too difficult to even describe on the blog.  Many of our translators have also experienced great heartaches, trials and struggles.  But the hope of the gospel was evident throughout the entire day in every story.  I loved watching all of the teen girls stand and ask God to heal their hearts together in prayer.  They were reminded that God sent our team to throw this special event for them because his love is never ending and he has not forgotten them.

These stories of inspiration reaffirmed that God is in control of my life and he has a plan for me just as he has a plan for them.

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