We are here!!!

Post written by Jenni Ramsey

Our team arrived into El Salvador at 10 pm tonight after a fairly uneventful day of travel.  We had one delay in Houston on our second flight.  As our plane was preparing for departure, an extremely inebriated passenger threw up in his seat and caused the plane to return to the gate.  The passenger was escorted off the plane and taken to jail.  The situation caused a one hour delay and reminded us that there are hurting and lost people everywhere.  We pray that this man will come to know the love of His Heavenly Father, who longs to fill the emptiness in his heart.

As we exited the airport in El Salvador, we were welcomed by a torrential downpour.  Our driver, Jose, told us that the rain represents blessings in El Salvador and we were grateful for the blessing!  Upon arriving at the mission house, we enjoyed a pizza dinner, had a tour of the guest home, found our bunk bed areas and started to organize the 140+ quinceanera dresses from our duffel bags.

Tomorrow we will be attending Kurt Ackermann's Spanish-speaking church, and helping in their Sunday school classes. I was honored to preach at this church in May and challenged the congregation to get involved with the quinceanera at that time.  I am excited to return to the church tomorrow and share the updates of how the Lord has provided so many resources for the quinceanera.  One of our team members, Amanda Deal, will be sharing her testimony in the service.  Many of the church members will be helping with the quinceanera, so we're looking forward to being together with them tomorrow.

In the afternoon we will be visiting the teen girls at the government orphanage and telling them about the quinceanera.  We can't wait to see the expressions on their faces as they learn the news.   We will be bringing all of the dresses with us and hope to fit every girl with a dress of their dreams by the time we leave. Each girl should have 2 or 3 dresses to choose from, and the extra dresses will remain here for future quinceaneras or ministry events.

Tomorrow evening we will be preparing meals and serving the homeless community.  It will be a full day of ministry and we're so blessed to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this beautiful country.  Thank you for your prayers!!!  Stay tuned for more.....

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