R & R at the Beach!

Post written by Allison Behrens (from Missouri)

With our last day in El Salvador we spent part of the morning shopping for souvenirs and gifts and the rest of the day at the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. Kurt and his amazing group spent the day with us at the private home they rented. With an amazing view and a bunch of our friends we spent the day swimming, talking, and playing in the pool and on the beach while a delicious lunch of steak and chicken was prepared for us.

It goes without saying that our hearts were full of love for the people that we spent the day with. Each person involved on this trip had an amazing story to tell and an experience this week that has no doubt changed them for the better. Kurt spent part of the afternoon sharing his passions and calling to El Salvador with our team. After he spoke, our team gathered around him for a meaningful time of prayer.

I thank God for sending me on this trip, and blessing me with such wonderful team members and translators. I have truly been blessed with new friends and a new understanding of what it means to serve God. I thank Kurt and his group along with my team members for helping me reach that understanding.

After our long and wonderfully blessed day at the beach, Kurt and his group took us to an authentic Salvadorean restaurant called Pupuseria Abbi, where many members of our team tried pupusas for the first time. With great food in our bellies we celebrated three birthdays and were serenaded by a mariachi band before we left. All of the married couples in our group danced to the mariachi music as we applauded them on!  Our last stop of the day was a lookout in which we got to see an amazing view of the city, reminding us of how truly beautiful El Salvador is.

As we returned back to the mission house our hearts grew heavy knowing that we were going to have to say goodbye to some truly wonderful people. With tears in our eyes we said goodbye to many of the translators who would not be able to see us off tomorrow. Though we are looking forward to returning home, we are not completely ready to say goodbye to El Salvador and the wonderful people that live here. I can say without a doubt that I will never forget the wonderful people we have met and the friends we have made. My thoughts and prayers will remain in El Salvador and with our team even after we have gone our separate ways. I wish our team the best for whatever God has in store for them and thank each of them for coming into my life and blessing me with their friendship.

Jenni RamseyComment