The Special Needs Homes - Joy and Simplicity

Blog post written by Grace Higgins (age 17)
Coto de Caza, California

On Monday we had the opportunity to visit two special needs orphanages. We spent the day painting their faces, painting nails, doing crafts and dancing together. It was so humbling seeing them with such bright smiles on their face despite their disabilities.  I felt extremely comfortable and at peace with these amazing people, especially coming from a home with a special needs sister.  I have spent my whole life trying to get more people to understand that while these people have different learning styles, they still understand that God loves them and that it's important to love others.  You can see this by they way in which they care for each other and through the ways in which they interact. 

It was so touching to see how happy the residents in the orphanage were even though they don't have a lot materially. They are richer in spirit and love than so many other people, especially people that I observe in Orange County who are "rich" in possessions.  The kids in these special needs home have a deep love in their hearts, a treasure that most people long for. We were privileged to help feed dinner to some of the kids.  During this time I was really struck by how we take so many things for granted.  We do so many things that these orphanage residents would love to be able to do on their own.  It was heartbreaking knowing that none of these kids have a "mother" figure in their lives, but heartwarming to know that the simplest things made them so happy (like a visit from a "Gringo"). 

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