Out of the Dust

Blog post written by Kara Price from Prosper, TX


On Tuesday we started building a concrete square divided by a wall so that two families will be able to live in peace, not harassed by gangs and safe from various weather conditions.  The house is located in the luscious, tropical mountains in El Salvador.  The ground is so fertile here that everything and anything grows and flourishes.  The community is lovely and they have a genuine love for God.  The property is owned by a ministry that purchased the land to give families a future. There is a beautiful Christian school in the community and a strong, local church.   The children mimicked us digging with trash and gloves they found.  The boys and men played soccer at the end after a long day of building. 

God gives us supernatural strength and abilities when we're open to loving others.  When our motives are pure, He gives us what we need to accomplish His will in our lives.  I seriously didn't think I would be able to walk the next day after a hard day of manual labor, but I wasn't even sore.  Cinderblock by cinderblock, our team started to create something basically from sand sand and water.  It reminded me how we were created out of dust.  The sun bore down on our heads and our hands got stiff as we worked, but we didn't quit.  We had a purpose that was greater than our pain.  Although the people in this particular community live differently that we do in the United States, I personally admire their way of life.  They live in a beautiful country, surrounded by caring people, able to worship God without all the worldly distractions.  

In the evening we met two Salvadorian missionaries who are leaving on Sunday for Afghanistan with their daughter.  They're excited and feel privileged that God has chosen them for this mission.  In a nation of twenty six million people, there are only about a thousand believers living in secret.  They know that they have to go there with an attitude that they may never come back to El Salvador.  I was in awe of their courage and faith.  They've given everything to God, their worldly comforts, even their lives.  Their love for Jesus is undeniable, as is their love for the Afghani people. They're clearly overwhelmed with a deep burden to communicate God's love to Afghanistan.  They will have to minister through friendships.  They will not bring any Bibles or Christian  materials.  The demonic control in the Muslim world is strong but God will be their protector. Our team was humbled by their faith and we were honored to pray over this incredible family together on our knees.  

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