Meet Carlos

Blog post written by Aidan Ramsey (age 14)
McKinney, Texas

Let me tell you about Carlos. Carlos is the most loving, kind, caring, and emotional person you could ever meet.  Today we went to the San Martin, a special needs orphanage, which I've visited before. At the beginning of the tour, we heard this loud screaming. One of the translators told us that someone was saying, "I have no family and I have no friends." When we walked into the room, we realized it was Carlos. When Carlos saw our group he changed from crying and sadness to the biggest smile I've ever seen and his tears became happy tears. Then he said, " Ah, here is my family, and you are my friends" and followed with a song. Just after that he gave us the news that his parents had passed away,  he was an orphan and he felt lonely.

When I saw Carlos, he remembered me.  He wouldn't stop hugging me, smiling at me, and telling me how much he loved me.  He kept telling me to be careful and to stay away from bad things. I have known Carlos for three years and the first time we crossed eyes three years ago he told me how much he loved me and that he knew God loved me, even though we'd only known each other for about ten seconds. I encourage anyone out there to love the unloved and touch the broken hearted. God loves Carlos, me, and each and everyone of you with all His heart and He made you special, the way you are.

Jenni RamseyComment