God's Princesses

Blog post written by Lindsay Mull (age 16)
Newport Beach, CA

These past two weeks have been such an incredible blessing! I had the opportunity to come to El Salvador early to serve with the Sus Hijos staff last week along with my close friend Hannah Mathisrud. It was so great to work with Sus Hijos and see how they minister daily in the orphanages apart from the teams.  Our team arrived on Saturday night and these past few days have been equally as wonderful. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to a Christian orphanage, where we fit around 17 girls for dresses for the quinceanera. My mom and I got to help a girl who was instantly overjoyed when she walked in to the room to pick her dress. She chose one dress, tried it on, and it fit perfectly. She proceeded to spin around, looked in the mirror, and told me and my mom that she looked like Cinderella.  Hearing her excitement encouraged my heart.  This is exactly why we're here this week. Our team of mothers and daughters has been preparing for this trip for months to show these young women their worth and importance. These girls are so beautiful and special to our Father in Heaven. And it's such an honor to remind them of this truth.  As the beautiful girl that we met yesterday expressed so well, each one of these girls is one of God's princesses. 

Today we got to do something new for our annual trip. We were able to distribute bags of food, door to door, in a mountainous community in partnership with a local church.  We had the privilege of praying for many families as we gave away food and Bibles. One little girl (see photo below) had a horrible stomach ache, and we proceeded to pray for her.  We also had a wonderful discussion with her father and encouraged him to consider giving his life to Jesus.  Around thirty minutes later, we saw this same girl playing and swinging in front of her house.  She confirmed that she was feeling better with a big smile on her face. God is so good and He always listens to our needs! Please continue to pray for our team throughout the week as we prepare for the quinceanera on Thursday!

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