El Salvador, You Have My Heart!

Blog post written by Kim Newman from Prosper, Texas

El Salvador, you have my heart. Today's church service at Monte Calvario exceeded all expectations. I have to admit, I was a little concerned about a longer service and no AC. Yes, I know, that's a first world problem. I was soon quickly distracted by an out-pouring of passion-filled praise and worship in a language that I have not mastered yet. And even though I didn't exactly comprehend  what I was singing, it didn't matter because I know I was glorifying God. Prayers were lifted up to our heavenly  Father in such an inspirational way that I was nearly moved to tears. Yes, again in a language that is vaguely familiar to me. How can this be? Because our God is great, and the power of the Holy Spirit transcends all boundaries and borders. 

Impromptu testimonies, a thought provoking sermon by our own Chris Cain from Lighthouse Christian Fellowship about knowing God, praise and worship music  that was produced with such passion, worshipping as one community, and I never even looked at my watch once. You see, the people here aren't concerned with their church service extending over the allotted hour and a half. They aren't looking to the next thing they have to accomplish on Sunday before they go back to work on Monday. They instead glorify and honor their Creator with no concept of time.  Thank you, amigos de San Salvador, for such an authentic experience, and glory to God on high for the Great Awakening.

Jenni RamseyComment