Cries Heard from our Heavenly Father

Blog post written by Dina Flores from Denton, Texas

Today I had the privilege to visit one of the biggest Catholic government run orphanages here in El Salvador. I was able to spend time in different baby rooms ranging from ages 2 months to 2 yrs old. I was deeply touched as I spent time with these children.  The rooms were colorful, clean and cheerful. Lots of colors and plenty of toys to play with. While it seemed to be a perfect baby's room, I still walked in to find crying little babies searching for any human contact they could find. The moment we approached their cribs they were quick to smile and could only express with their little eyes that they wanted to be held. With many of them waiting for that interaction that never comes they have no choice but to cry themselves to sleep. 


I'm was overwhelmed by the fact that I couldn't actually pick them all up and comfort them in the way that my mother instinct wanted me to do. I contained back tears over the fact nobody seemed to be bothered by it.  It was my first time experiencing what daily life is for a newborn who's been abandoned in their early days of life.  In some way or another they seem to find a way to self soothe and put themselves to sleep. As I carried a little boy that I had the privilege to feed and heard cries coming from every direction, my Heavenly Father reminded me that there is someone who hears their cries and comforts them.  It their our Heavenly Father. Event though we can't possibly comfort every orphaned child in this world, I'm reminded that Gods kingdom belongs to all children. 


I was required to memorize a Bible verse this week.  The verse that I was given is Psalm 34:18 -  "The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit."  I'm comforted by this verse as I think about these children. These babies long for a motherly touch and the attention that they deserve. Every child deserves to grow up in a family but due to the sin of this world many children have been robbed of pure basics of life and the feeling of love. But I'm reminded that they are not alone. Their cries are being heard and comforted by our Father Jesus Christ for He is truly near those that are broken. He uses people like our teams and the missionaries that we are partnering with to be His hands and His Feet. Thank you Jesus! I ask you to pray with me for all the orphans of the world.  Join me in praying that every orphaned child would be able to experience Gods never ending love!

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