Meet Our 2017 CA Summer Teams!

Blog written by Jenni Ramsey


I had the privilege of traveling to CA this past week to meet with our summer teams.  


We currently have fourteen mothers/daughters from Young Women of Vision (YWOV) committed and preparing to serve this summer.  This amazing group of women will be throwing YWOV's fourth quinceanera (a 15th birthday celebration for Latin American girls), where they will celebrate the lives of teen girls living in government run homes in El Salvador.  Many of these girls have never had a birthday party, dined in a restaurant or walked into a hotel.  The gala will be a powerful opportunity to remind them of their worth, value and beauty.  They are not forgotten by their Heavenly Father and it is an an honor for us to remind them that they are precious in His site!

We are also thrilled to be taking twenty team members from Crean Lutheran High School, Irvine to serve in El Salvador this summer.  This team will be building a home for an impoverished family, visiting orphans and delivering meals to children and families living on the streets.  I am deeply passionate about taking young people to serve overseas because I love seeing how the trips impact their lives.  What an awesome group of students!

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