Donations being accepted for 500 orphanage uniforms...

The following article is being reposted from the "West Brentwood Living" community magazine. If you would like to contribute towards the costs of the uniforms, please see the information at the bottom of the article. 

Mike and Lisa Bussard of McGavock Farms have two children, Morgan (12) and Andrew (9). Morgan and Lisa recently went on a mission trip to Guatemala and participated in three different ministries while there, including helping families that were part of Art and Lisa Camarena's missionary ministry in San Lucas, caring for children at the Casa Bernabe` Orphanage, and assisting the Hands for Hope Medical clinic located in a remote mountain village where they also built wooden beds for families in the area that slept on dirt floors.  

Lisa says, “We went to Guatemala to be a blessing but really received more of a blessing ourselves. Having returned from a third world country, we truly appreciate and are thankful for the little things that we so often take for granted like running water that isn't contaminated, a roof that isn’t tin, and floors in our house that aren’t dirt not to mention food and clothing. The need is great in Guatemala. Our mission team experienced first hand though the strong faith that many of the Guatemalan families possessed due to their total reliance on God. Even though we had a translator with us most of the time, our team found that a smile translates easily in all languages. The Guatemalan children were absolutely adorable and their smiles and hugs will be in our hearts forever.”

As a result of that transformative experience, 12 year old Morgan, a 6th grade student at Oak Hill School, and the rest of the Bussard family are trying to raise funds to buy approximately 500 school uniform shirts for the children at the Casa Bernabe orphanage which has a school onsite. The need for uniform shirts was listed on the website of the orphanage and discussed with the administrators during Lisa and Morgan’s stay at the orphanage. Morgan has done a couple of presentations to her school to raise awareness of the need at the orphanage.  

Lisa says, “Morgan and I know the names and faces of these precious children at the orphanage and they need our help. Casa Bernabe is a place of hope in the midst of a lot of despair.“  

Educational Outfitters in Brentwood has been a great partner in the effort to clothe these children in need, and is only charging $12 per uniform shirt (which is navy with the name of the school monogrammed on it). 


If you are interested in helping with the project, you can write a tax deductible check to “All Blessings International”. This organization will then write one check to Educational Outfitters. Checks can be sent to the Bussard home address at 5256 Lysander Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027. The Bussard family will then send the checks to All Blessings International and you will receive a tax donation letter. Donations are so appreciated.

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