Link to Mike & Jenni's Adoption Messages

Post written by Jenni Ramsey

On November 6th, 2011, our church was honored to partner with hundreds of churches around the world in celebrating "Orphan Sunday." Mike and I were humbled to speak on "Caring for Orphans" with a panel (which included three members from our missions board). Please click on the link below to hear the forty minute message. Note: Mike gives a brief introduction, Glynn Smith (founder of Beacon of Hope Ministries, South Africa) speaks on the issue of AIDS/HIV and orphans, and Jenni addresses practical ways to serve orphans at the end of the message.




Mike also preached a sermon on "God's Heart for Adoption" in February, 2011. It was a powerful message, which included some personal thoughts on our adoption journey. To listen to his message, click here:

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