Donations, donations, donations!!!

Our team has been overwhelmed by the donations that continue to pour in! Our duffel bags and hearts are full and ready to serve! We have an entire duffel bag filled with medical supplies and can't wait to pass these donations along to the medical clinic.

The following donations have been collected by our Tennessee team members:

Jeans - 219
Silly Bands - 5,561
Toothbrushes - 98
Toothpaste - 147
Bandaids - 1,800

Thank you again for all of your support! Please pray for our team as we travel from November 16-23. We would love your prayers for the following needs:

(1) Safety as we travel
(2) Health for the team members
(3) Communication (with the language barrier) as we serve the Guatemalan people
(4) Team unity
(5) For all of our hearts to be impacted and changed as we serve
(6) Pray that we can communicate God's love, hope and healing to everyone we meet
(7) Pray that the 5 families who receive beds this week will have a strong sense of God's love for them
(8) Pray for our family members at home

-Jenni for the team

Jenni RamseyComment