Giving away our shoes...

Last night we arrived at The Calvary Chapel property, "Potter's Field." Potter's Field is a beautiful, lush and tropical "refuge," a sharp contrast from the shantytown located right outside the large green doors and concrete walls. This ministry was birthed by Dave Eason's (one of our team members) grandparents in 1968 and their family has a tremendous legacy in this place. Dave's father, Dave Eason Senior, is serving alongside our team and he has been a tremendous blessing. We have settled in here for the remaining last three days of the trip. The team is currently playing soccer with the boys that live at Potters Field while a few of us take advantage of internet access in the office and update the blog. We do not have internet access in our "bungalows" (sleeping areas). This afternoon we will be serving a children's neighborhood outreach in a poor village about 1 1/2 hours away. We are bringing arts and crafts, pinatas, silly bands and hearts ready to serve. 

Yesterday was our last day serving at CIPI, the government center. We brought the kids pinatas and took time visiting each group area to say our tearful good byes. It was also a blessing to bring shoes to most of the children, who laughed, screamed and loved picking their "perfect pair" of shoes. When we opened the bags of shoes in the teenage girls' area, we realized in grave disappointment that we did not have enough shoes for these girls. We had one bag filled with clothes, and some of the girls chose clothing instead of shoes. However, a few girls remained with empty looks, wondering if they would receive any shoes. Then something supernatural happened. We had recorded their shoe sizes, and realized that some of our team members were the exact same size. Amanda, Kendall, Jacque and I were honored to give up our shoes to bless these precious girls, who literally own nothing. Amanda later shared that her shoes were recently purchased (Nike running shoes), but God clearly spoke to her to give them away.


It's one thing to give away shoes that have been donated, but another to gladly take the shoes off your feet and walk away shoeless. I am so proud of this team and the way in which they selflessly give and serve. One of the highlights of the trip for me has been watching God powerfully transform the team members' lives. God is constantly reminding me that these trips are part of the "fruit" of our failed adoption. It is incredible. While our dream of adopting in El Salvador has been lost, we are honored to continue to serve His orphans through leading these teams. And He has not forgotten us. He has led us to wait and trust Him as one day we will finally hold and carry home our little Korean princess.

Jenni RamseyComment