A Successful Packing Party!!!


If you had taken a leisurely stroll up Villa Rose Drive in Santa Ana this evening, you would have heard the sounds of laughter and team bonding! We had a memorable evening together sorting through and packing 16 bags of gifts and supplies in our driveway. Here is the final count:

2 wheelchairs
2 duffel bags for tools (for the construction team)
3 bags of soccer balls & gifts
1 bag of arts & crafts
2 bags of clothing
8 bags of shoes
4 Ziplocs filled with silly bands (weighing 7 pounds!)

We had a great time working together and talking about the children that will be blessed by each gift. I know I say it over and over again, but I love this team! Our next gathering will be at LAX this Saturday at 8 am! 

Please pray for our team and our last three days of packing, preparing and saying good-byes. We are still in need of $2,959 to cover all of our trip costs. If you would like to donate towards these needs, please write your tax deductible check to All Blessings and send to:

Jenni Ramsey
All Blessings
12935 Villa Rose Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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