Reuniting with our "Compassion Intl" kids...

Today was a very special day. On Emily and Josie's first trip to Guatemala eight years ago, they had the opportunity to meet their children that they sponsor through Compassion International. Emily has seen her child, Limni, several times since their first meeting. This was Josie's first time to see her child, Fredy, since their initial visit eight years ago. It was also Josie's first time to meet Eduar, another child she has been sponsoring for almost 6 years. 

We met them at the mall and played video games. For both of Josie's children, it was their first time at an arcade and only second time to Guatemala City. Fredy came with his father. They live an hour and a half away. Eduar also came with his father. They live 4 hours from Guatemala City. Limni came with her mother, and live 7 hours away.

It was a great time for reuniting and getting to know each other. We played games against each other and drove bumper cars. We got to sit down and chat with each of the children with their parents. It was a truly humbling experience to hear how grateful each one was for the opportunity to be sponsored and to hear how the Compassion project has helped them. Compassion's student center is a place where all the sponsored children attend for learning. The learning center provides clothing and gifts for the children, as well as birthday celebrations and Christmas parties. Most importantly, it is a place where the children grow in their spiritual walks.

We sat and ate lunch with our sponsored children and families. After eating, we had the opportunity to exchange gifts and prayers. It was a truly amazing experience to see the joy on the children's faces as they opened up their gifts. Even more humbling was the prayer time following the gifts. It was a very touching and emotional time. Sponsoring a child not only changes their lives, but also the lives of the sponsors. There are so many children out there that need to be sponsored. Please consider sponsing a child.

-Emily and Josie for the team

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