“We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.”

– From "Radical" by David Platt


El Salvador

We are honored to partner with "Sus Hijos," a non profit organization that is having a tremendous impact on the overwhelming orphan crisis in El Salvador. Sus Hijos was started by Kurt Ackermann, a North American missionary to El Salvador.

The main focus of Sus Hijos is to serve the orphaned and abandoned children of El Salvador.  Sus Hijos is involved in many projects, including weekly Bible studies in orphanages and prisons, building homes to keep families together, feeding the homeless and providing transitional homes and training for teenagers transiting out of orphanages.  

His Hands His Feet El Salvador team members partner with Sus Hijos in all of their ongoing projects. There are opportunities to serve in children's homes and in special needs homes for both children and adults.  Some of our teams have been able to take orphanage residents to special events off the property.  Each team will have unique opportunities to volunteer according to their skills, abilities and passions.  His Hands His Feet works closely with Sus Hijos to prepare for each specific team (planning special events, presentations, sports clinics, trainings, etc.).   There are unending opportunities to build homes, serve in orphanages and to visit local communities.  Team outreach schedules vary depending on the size, giftings and abilities of the team members.


It is a privilege to partner with three Christian organizations in the beautiful country of Guatemala.  Our primary focus is to serve alongside Art and Lisa Camarena, North American missionaries who have served in Guatemala for seventeen years.  To read about Art and Lisa's ministry, visit their website at www.CamarenaGuatemala.com . 

The His Hands His Feet teams stay at Art and Lisa's gated home, nestled in the hills of San Lucas (outside of Antigua) and enjoy their warm hospitality and delicious home-made meals prepared by a wonderful Guatemalan cook.  Throughout the week we will have opportunities to serve the families that the Camarenas know and love, visiting homes, hosting special events on the Camarena's property and participating in their weekly women's' Bible study fellowship.  

We are also blessed to serve at the Casa Bernabe orphanage.  To read more about Casa Bernabe, visit their website at www.foce.org.  Casa Bernabe is a beautiful property which provides "homes" for their children.  The children have house parents who care for them deeply and invest in their lives.  Each child at Casa Bernabe thrives with opportunities in sports, musical training and most importantly, the hope of the gospel.  The facility includes a school, church and medical clinic.  

Teams will have the opportunity to participate in a one day project through Hands of Hope (www.hands-of-hope.com).  Hands of Hope is a small medical clinic which has a tremendous impact on its' community.  Hands of Hope provides free medical care in an impoverished community  to families who previously received no medical treatment.  Teams will purchase, build and deliver four beds to needy families.  While some team members build beds, others will provide lice treatments in the clinic.   It is truly an honor to partner with these amazing organizations in Guatemala!   



Lucy Armistead, the founder and director of All Blessings, has led numerous teams to Haiti to serve in orphanages.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with tremendous issues related to poverty, hunger and government corruption.  For more information on our Haiti trips, contact Lucy Armistead at 270-684-2598.