Team Bonding & Worshipping El Salvadorean Style...


Blog written by Christella Hudson (from Kentucky)

What an incredible day, and it's not yet over!  We started the day with a team meeting, and also had a time where each of us shared our testimonies.  Sharing the ups and downs of your life with new (or old friends) is always a vulnerable act, but opening those doors and taking down walls is a precious bonding experience.  We have such respect and admiration for the way every person has triumphed over tragedy, and gave thanks in the midst of blessings.  The thread winding through every story, every tragedy, every triumph, is the beautiful faithfulness and love of our Savior.  We are all so grateful for how God has and is growing our relationships with Him.  He is amazing! 

We had the honor of worshipping with our brothers and sisters in an El Salvadorean church.  It was so incredible!  A good majority of our group does not speak Spanish fluently, but we recognized several of the songs by their tune!  The music time was powerful.  Amidst the sound of voices raised in song in two different languages, it hit me how amazing it is that God understands us no matter what language we speak.  And even when we did not understand one another, we just somehow felt the love for God pouring out of the other hearts.  Of course the tears were rolling!  :)

As the music part of the service concluded, we split into three groups.  Jenni preached for the congregation and several team members were witness to her powerful testimony of world missions and passion for the orphan crisis.  At the end of the message, she prayed over the people and asked them to raise their hand if they felt God sending them.  The photo above of the congregation shows the hands that were raised in response!  Jenni was praying at the time, so she didn't see the many hands that went up, so it was a special moment to see the reaction in the photo.

A second group went to teach a Sunday School class of children who were around 10 years old and under, and our third group led the Sunday School class for teens.  They shared Bible stories and testimonies, painted cross necklaces, and sang songs.  The kids are all beautiful and we treasured our time with them.


We met the family of our missionary, Kurt, and had an incredible group of translators!  We love all of them!  We had lunch at Pollo Campero - yum!  Tonight, Susan (Kurt's wife) fixed us a dinner that cannot be beat - delicioso!!!!!

To our family and friends, we miss you tremendously!  But we have come to the realization that the sacrifice of being apart from you is nothing compared to the sacrifice our Jesus made for all of us.  We are so thankful and humbled that he has allowed us to share his love here in El Salvador.  Tonight, we prepare and deliver our first of two meals to the homeless.   Please pray those who receive these meals will have a desire to know more about the God who is providing!

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